Patrol Service

The Civic Club contracts with S.E.A.L. Security Solutions, LLC ( to patrol the neighborhood 24/7. The security officers serve to provide a deterrent to crime in Afton Oaks and also report incidents as appropriate to the Houston Police Department.  The officers monitor the neighborhood in a car marked “S.E.A.L. Security” and “Afton Oaks Patrol,” and the Civic Club Board Member responsible for the patrol contract receives both daily shift reports and incident reports. The Board receives a monthly report of actions taken and suspicious activity reported.  

No patrol or police service can provide absolute protection against crime. The Civic Club recommends that neighbors remain vigilant about being aware of their surroundings and take reasonable security precautions to protect people and property. The most common crime in Afton Oaks has historically been burglaries of a motor vehicle (BMV), typically overnight from a car on the street or driveway. The AOCC recommends you park your vehicle in a garage or behind a secure gate. If you cannot, then the AOCC recommends you remove any valuable item from the vehicle. Do not leave any valuable item visible.

In an emergency, you should call “911” first, prior to making any attempt to reach the Afton Oaks Patrol.

 To reach law enforcement or patrol personnel, call:

HPD Emergency911
HPD – Non-Emergency(713) 884-3131
Afton Oaks Patrol(713) 201-3535

If you plan to be on vacation and would like the Afton Oaks Patrol to check your residence on a regular basis, please either go to the S.E.A.L. Vacation Watch website by clicking here, or download the Patrol Vacation Notice Form, which may be submitted via email. Alternatively, you can call the Afton Oaks Patrol number and arrange to give the form to one of the officers on duty. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail