Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a title company representative or realtor and need to get documents and dues payment history on a house that is being purchased or refinanced. Whom do I contact?

Send an e-mail to for information.   Note in the e-mail the property address and the type of transaction.  You should hear back promptly.

What is METRO planning to do on the proposed University Line?

METRO should post the latest updates to its plans on its MetroNext website here.  If you have a question about the plan or Afton Oak’s position on Metro’s plans, send an e-mail to

I’m new to the neighborhood. How do I get a welcome package?

Send an e-mail to

My neighbor is doing something that I think is in violation of his Deed Restrictions. What do I do?

First, you should discuss the situation in a courteous way with your neighbor and collect the relevant facts. If you have remaining questions or issues, the Civic Club can investigate all potential violations of Deed Restrictions and/or City of Houston ordinances. Send an e-mail to  or call a Board member listed on the Board of Directors page or send a letter to P.O. Box 22402, Houston, TX 77227-2402.

I would like to suggest a location for a tree under Afton Oaks tree initiative. Whom do I contact?

Send an email to

There’s a streetlight out. What do I do?

Click here to report the information to Centerpoint.