Dues Information

Members in Afton Oaks Civic Club pay annual dues to cover the costs of the services provided to the neighborhood. The dues collected pay for the patrol service, visible “backgate/garage door” garbage pickup, curbside recycling and the maintenance of the trees and grass in the esplanades. Dues are also used for the legal costs associated with enforcing the deed restrictions, as well as for communications and administrative expenses. Dues are not used for the maintenance of any member’s home or yard, street or sewer repairs, debris removal or other items prohibited by the By-Laws of the Civic Club. All of the members of the Civic Club Board are volunteers who contribute their time at no expense to the membership.

Dues for 2022 are $900.00 for the year, billed in advance and due on January 1 of each year. Members have the option of paying in full, or members in good standing may pay in quarterly or semi-annual installments. Payments should be mailed with the invoice stub (or with the account number noted on the check) and mailed to: P.O. Box 676599, Dallas, TX 75267-6599.

The dues payment function in the Members-only section of the website is not yet functional for 2022. If you paid dues previously using www.rentpayment.com, that system is still functional and you may click to log in and pay there. You may also set up a new account with them if you want to make your 2022 payment online. If you have questions about your RentPayment account, please email customerservice@rentpayment.com.

The dues are set based on a budget which is presented to the members for discussion at the general meeting in November.  Any dues increase of greater than 5% must be approved by the members.  Please note that payment of dues is NOT considered a charitable donation and is not tax deductible as a charitable donation.  The Civic Club also charges a $225.00 processing fee associated with forms and paperwork required by owners who are refinancing home mortgages or transferring title.   These fees are typically collected and remitted to the Civic Club by the title company.
As provided in the Deed Restrictions and the By-Laws, the Civic Club is empowered to take a variety of remedies against members who fail to pay their dues on a timely basis. If you have a question about your invoice or the amount you owe, send an e-mail to treasurer@aftonoaks.org. The Board of the Civic Club has established a Hardship Committee to review situations where a hardship has made keeping current on dues payments a challenge. For information on making a request to the Hardship Committee, send an e-mail to president@aftonoaks.org.

The By-Laws of the Afton Oaks Civic Club may be viewed here: